January 25, 2022

CXera Launches Digital Experience Microsite Builder to Improve Customer Experience

"We spent 2021 working with B2B companies to understand what the market needed to improve customer experience and both retain and expand revenue"

CXera, a technology company led by four founders with decades of experience building SaaS companies, is proud to announce the release of its cloud-based solution that helps companies digitally navigate the B2B customer journey, improve and repeat their customer success process, and retain and expand their business.

Today, almost every business is going digital and remote, and delivering a world-class customer experience is no longer optional. The reduction of in-person customer interactions has made it hard to deliver the right communication and tools, enable collaboration, capture customer feedback, and act to improve customer success. CXera focuses on addressing these challenges with its Customer Everboarding process, which it delivers through digital microsites that users can create in minutes.

"We spent 2021 working with B2B companies to understand what the market needed to improve customer experience and both retain and expand revenue," said Craig Nelson, CEO of CXera. "This analysis confirmed what many have learned: in today’s service economy, finding a way to digitally deliver and stay connected is essential, and simply using email and web conferencing tools isn’t enough.” Market research conducted by CXera also found that poor handoffs between sales and service departments, as well as an overwhelming number of documents and requests to customers during onboarding, led to frustration and drop-offs.

In response, CXera has pioneered the concept of Customer Everboarding through its Experience Sites™ and recommendation engine, a process and technology that allows companies to engage their customers digitally to stay connected, understand their needs, and make bespoke recommendations at any stage of their journey.

“As a rapidly growing business it’s critical that we get customer onboarding right, starting with an effective handoff from sales to success, and provide a rich and consistent experience throughout their interactions with us,” said Jessica Ryker, Director, Revenue Enablement, at Latch.

In 2021, CXera worked closely with a series of early adopter customers, including home electronics company Latch, to bring to market a solution that paired the Everboarding concept and Software as a Service. In addition, working alongside business partners with customer experience (CX) expertise, CXera delivers “out of the box” Experience templates that can be adapted to fit any business.

To learn more, schedule a walkthrough of the CXera solution or request a trial here.

About CXera

CXera is a technology firm focused on revolutionizing the B2B Customer Experience (CX) through Digital Experience Microsites that help you digitally communicate, collaborate, take action and continuously improve customer success. As a pioneer of the Customer Everboarding concept, CXera integrates with popular services like Zoom and Slack to enable “one-click” Digital Experience creation. The CXera solution makes it possible for businesses to deliver personalized Experience Sites™ using their existing workflows and to start improving their CX today.