Customer success starts at the first contact as customers research online about what’s available and learn from others. Studies show that 53% of customer loyalty comes from the purchase experience and up to 60% of the customer’s journey is complete before connecting with vendors. As a result, there is much to gain in the early stage of the customer experience.

What happens when a potential customer requests more information about your product or service? If you are using CXera:

  • You can create a Contact or Event Experience to establish a personal experience microsite available to that customer at any time. The person’s Experience site contains selected videos, whitepapers, web conferences and other resources that are readily available to support their research and learning online.
  • Every customer interaction is an opportunity to learn about the prospective customer while the customer forms an understanding of your product or service.

Components that snap together in minutes to create Contact and Event Experiences include:

  • Event registration
  • Web conference connection information and speaker bios
  • Event content such as presentation and recordings
  • Presentations, brochures, whitepapers, customer stories, videos, and podcasts