Begin a new era of Customer eXperience

From first customer contact to customer success


  • Keep Customers Current with Targeted Announcements
  • Retain and Expand Business with Focused Campaigns
  • Drive Adoption by Sharing Customer Success Examples


  • Continuously Capture Feedback Throughout the Customer Journey
  • Improve NPS by Immediately Responding to Customers
  • Continuously Exchange Ideas and Content


  • Be in Sync Showing Progress across Vendors, Partners, and Customers
  • Drive Adoption with Prescriptive Checklists for Self-Service Guidance
  • Stay in Touch with Customers through AI-Driven Recommendations


  • Repeat Customer Success using Behavior Analytics
  • Promote Trends with Automatic Updates to Improve CX
  • Expand Customer Value with Notifications on their Terms

CXera Fits Within Your Current Workflow and Tools

CXera fits the workflow of your staff and customers by integrating with your company website and other popular applications. Back to the example Case Study:

MooseCorp has successfully used CXera Onboarding Experiences from their company collaboration platform. Now, they begin using CXera Experiences to improve other aspects of their customer journey, including the following:

  • A website visitor requests a personalized Contact Experience Site to support their research
  • When MooseCorp announces a new feature to their SaaS product on a webinar, the Marketing department creates an Event Experience Site to keep webinar attendees engaged before, during and after the event
  • A prospective customer has requested a demo. The MooseCorp Sales team doesn’t even have to leave their CRM in order to create a Deal Experience Site that supports this new sales opportunity to support a superior buyer experience.
  • A new customer has signed up for the MooseCorp product, so the Customer Success team creates an Onboarding Experience Site to support the new customer launch, directly from a collaboration platform.

What Makes CXera Unique?

  • Internal users have a single Dashboard to see across all of your organization’s Experience Sites to drive better collaboration. They can also filter to see all Experience Sites for a particular customer at once.
  • Our patent-pending microsite generator and Experience monitoring system provides recommendations to improve the customer experience.
  • Ready-made Experience templates make it easy to create Experience Sites in minutes.
  • Our AI-driven CXassistant can make recommendations and, if permitted, take action to optimize Experience Sites.
  • CXera offers built-in integrations with your company’s website and popular services.

Go to Market Partners

Our go to market partners are experts in helping companies navigate the move to digital selling and buying. At CXera, we believe that great people and proven processes, combined with content and technology, can have a rapid and dramatic impact on your business.

Here is an ever-expanding list of companies we work with to deliver on enablement and customer experience business outcomes:

  • Technology Service Companies
  • Agency, Communication, Graphics and Media Companies
  • Customer Success Consulting & Training Companies

Sales & Customer Enablement Community (CXera partner)

In association with CXera LLC, is a thought leader community website that serves as a collection of best practices from professionals that truly live sales and customer enablement. Their work illustrates how highly collaborative definition, execution, and refinement of best practices deliver real results to both sellers and customers.

Thanks and good selling!